May 2017

RemoteDesk Android Application

Tools and languages used:
Android Studio, Java, MySQL, PHP, XML, JSON & Web APIs, Photoshop, Illustrator

Here are a few screenshots of my first attempt at making a fully functioning Android app (running on my old and beloved OnePlus X, gone but not forgotten). This was part of the first year Credit Suisse project, which required coming up with a prototype to enhance flexible working for traders at the bank.

The app includes a Login and Signup screen, with encrypted information stored in a database using MySQL. The app was personalised based three different types of employees. Functionalities include:

  • Latest News: NewsApi was used to pull articles from a variety of sources including Bloomberg and FT. An option to save news headlines is also provided.
  • Real-time Market Data and Watchlist: Yahoo Finance API and Quandl market data with an option to add particular stocks to a watchlist or assign it to a client portfolio.
  • CRM:¬†a basic CRM to manage clients and monitor their portfolios.
  • Timed Reminders, Public and Private Notes:¬†allowing traders to set reminders, write private notes and circulate public notes across the division.